Saturday, September 28, 2013

VACATION!!!!! home :)

Yes, folks, when the Garraway family goes on vacation, it typically means we go HOME! :)  This was definitely the case on August 12!  After 8 1/2 months of traveling (with only 2 breaks at home - for a total of 9 days), this break was MUCH needed!  We enjoyed 3 1/2 glorious weeks in our beautiful quiet home, in the peaceful sleepy town of Washington, IA!  We savored every minute at our church, Marion Avenue Baptist Church, and thoroughly enjoyed the preaching of our pastor, Joseph Brown!  We even had some special adventures along the way, like meeting the Duggar Family (from TLC's show, 19 Kids and Counting) and having 40+ people over for David's big monkey-themed birthday party!  Enjoy the following snapshots of our vacation at home :)

This is what we came home to on Monday, Aug. 12!  We have such a sweet church family :)
The last time David was home, he wasn't on the move like he is now!
Now that he can crawl, he has discovered a lot of new things, including some "no-no's"!! 
So excited to be back at our church!
We loved taking evening walks through our neighborhood!
I got to be part of our church's international dinner during Mission's Conference!  Team Asia won 2nd place!

 Play time :)

 We dedicated David one night after the service

 Caleb's new book (2 years in the making) arrived!

David turned 11 month old on August 20!  

It was so special to have dear friends of ours from Kansas, Pastor Bill and Mrs. Janet Munson
stop in for a Sunday morning to visit us! They were in Iowa for a relative's funeral and had a few hours free! 
 It was so nice to get to see them again!

 We were blessed that same day to have the Duggar Family with us in our services!  They sang and shared testimonies of God's goodness in their lives and the wisdom they've gained raising 19 children!

 We got a picture with Jim Bob and Michelle at lunch that afternoon but really wanted to also get one with David later, after he woke up from his nap!  So we did... :)

Such sweet, genuine people!  They are such a Godly example and inspiration to many around the world!

 The next day was Labor Day, and we spent the day at the Bontrager Family's farm (they are from our church).  They had their annual Turning Hearts Celebration with over 1,500 people!  The Duggars were the special guests that day.  They shared in testimony and music throughout the day.

 Jinger Duggar and I :)  They are all such SWEET girls!

 Hay rack ride with our awesome friends, John and Cassie Woodward (who moved to IA earlier this year - YAY!  We love hanging out with them!)

Beautiful music by the Duggar kids that evening!

 The next day, Tuesday, Sept. 3, was David's first birthday party!  Three weeks early, but we were just
thankful to fit it in before we had to leave out on the road again!

 David loves monkeys (and all animals really) - so we had to do a monkey theme for his birthday party :)

Darling boy with his monkey birthday hat on!

 Let the party begin!

 Got this great photo idea from Pinterest!

 We had LOTS of kids (babies and toddlers mostly!) at the party!
We enjoyed a few outdoor monkey/banana-themed games.

A picture with most of the kiddos in it :)  PLUS my sister and her girls!  
They drove 6 hours to surprise us and be at David's first birthday party!

  Enjoying some of his party food :)

 Opening his gifts!

He got great practical things (like clothes, books, and small toys) that can go with us on the road!

 Monkey cupcakes and a banana bar (with sauces and toppings) for desert!

 David didn't want to look up and smile for the photo - he just wanted to dig into his cupcake!

He picked it up and ate it like an apple :)  It was hilarious!

 Becki, Emma, and Charlotte stayed a couple more days!  We took them to the park on Weds.

sisters :)

The kiddos ready for church Weds. night!

 David's going to miss his fun house when we leave on Friday :(

After the cousins left Thursday, David helped me pack!

Snuggling with daddy on our last night at home until November 21st...

Thursday, September 26, 2013

End of Summer Tour!

The first couple weeks of August, we finished up our summer meetings in Maryland, Illinois and Wisconsin!  The Lord blessed each meeting and kept us safe on our long drives west, toward home!  

After leaving NYC, we went to Bowie, MD and held a VBS at Woodlawn Baptist Church.
The Lord blessed mightily, with around 275 kids and workers there each night!  65 children accepted Christ!

They REALLY get into the singing :)

 Then it was out to Illinois for a week of Football Camp with First Baptist Church in Dwight, IL.  Caleb preached, we sang, and he also did all the funny skit videos that week!

David got really good at crawling and pulling himself up and "cruising" that week!

 We got to spend a couple hours in Chicago before leaving IL for Wisconsin...

OF COURSE we made time to stop for some Chicago pizza!!!

David has been in QUITE a few nurseries so far this year!  Now that he can crawl and stand up, he loves exploring new nurseries and finding all the cool toys!

Our final meeting was on Aug. 11 at Immanuel Baptist Church in Menominee, WI.
Then it was on to home sweet home!