Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spring Travels 2016

It's a new year, and we are excited to be setting out for a busy spring filled with lots of meetings and adventures! Our first meeting was on Jan. 17 in Madison, WI. We had a special day with Madison Baptist Temple!

Our friends, Adrian and Jana Gomez, made us an amazing Mexican feast for lunch on Sunday!

Thankful for a great day in God's house!

So thankful for a chance to be a small part of the campaign for Ted Cruz! What an honor to get to meet such a humble, Godly man who not only loves the Lord but loves our country!

Getting bigger! 22 weeks along with our baby girl!

Great weekend of meetings with Berean Fundamental Baptist Church in Illinois!

Jonathan was VERY popular with the teens! Just like David was at this age, he's a little charmer!

Great to see a pastor friend's daughter, Melody Lamb, while preaching/singing in chapel at Hyles-Anderson College on Feb. 2!

David is getting great at putting together his puzzles without any help!

We enjoyed a few days' visit at my Aunt Bev's house in Indiana!

Me and my silly boys having lunch at the Children's Museum :)

Caleb preached and we sang for college chapel at Commonwealth Baptist College in KY!

David started singing with us in February (he is not quite 3 1/2 yet)! I had been singing the chorus, "I Love You, Lord" to him before bed for months and one day he surprised us and sang it word perfect! He also would sing "Even In The Valley" along with our CD in the car. So we asked him if he wanted to sing "I Love You, Lord" with Mommy and "Even In the Valley" with Daddy and Mommy in churches and he excitedly said yes! He is not shy at all and does great in front of people! So proud of our little boy!

In March, Caleb and I left the boys at our house with a lady from church and flew to D.C. to take part in Capitol Connection! It was so much fun walking around Capitol Hill and meeting with and praying for representatives!

The Hamiltons were there too, providing special music for the evening services. We enjoyed getting to know them at dinner one night. 

March 20, 2016 - our 6th wedding anniversary! So thankful for how God has blessed (and grown) our family since our wedding day!!!

Then it was off to MO for a couple weeks of meetings. We were able to stay with my sister and her family while there, and the cousins enjoyed all the fun time they got to spend together!

Wow, already 5 kids between the two of us with 2 more babies on the way!!!! :)

The Garraway family on Easter Sunday!

My sweeties in their matching Easter suits!!!!

David came with Caleb and me to the nursing home in Osowatomie, KS and sang a few songs and quoted a few Bible verses for the folks there! So thankful for his willingness to sing for Jesus and be a blessing to others!

31 weeks! Getting close now!

On April 5, Jonathan (who'd been having fevers off and on for a couple days) had a febrile seizure (due to his fever spiking super high super fast). It was such a scary time as we called 911 and rushed him by ambulance to the ER. But the Lord was so good in keeping us calm and helping Jonathan's fever to go back down pretty quickly. The seizure only lasted 5-10 minutes (which we have since learned is pretty short, compared to what some children experience!), and had no permanent affects on him. He rested well that day (only had to stay in the ER for a couple hours) and a couple days later his fever broke and he was back to his normal self! We are so thankful to all who prayed during that time! Prayer works!!!

Sweet Jonathan on Sunday, April 10, all healed up and happy again! :)

Monday, April 11, 2016

Update On Our Boys :)

David and Jonathan have been growing these past few months! Life has been CRAZY with all our travels, my pregnancy, keeping up with my energetic boys, etc...sorry I have not updated in a while! But here is a quick little post on how the boys have been doing lately :)

On Feb. 14, Jonathan turned 18 months old! He started taking his first steps just a few days before and we were so excited for him! :)

On March 14, Jonathan turned yet another month older! Time is flying! He is walking like a champ, and continues to be super curious and into everything! His super sweet smile continues to melt hearts, and he doesn't know a stranger. He waves and says "-i!" to everyone he meets! :)

On March 20, David turned the big 3 1/2!!!! Once my kids turn 2, I don't do monthly updates, just 1 or 2 a year. So A LOT has changed for our big boy, David, since I updated last in Sept. when he turned 3! He is a smart, funny, sweet, entertaining little guy. He has not one ounce of stage fright and loves getting up on stage, holding his own mic, and singing/quoting Scripture with us in churches as we travel! He is immensely smart, and has already memorized a few of his favorite books and loves to "read" them to his little brother! :) We are so blessed to be able to call David our son!