Saturday, May 25, 2013

David - 8 Months Old!

David turned 8 months old on May 20, and boy, we can already tell this is going to be a big month of milestones for him!  Just in the first week of being 8 months old his top 2 teeth have been sighted, he learned to say "Ma-ma", and he's starting to gain interest in crawling!  Hasn't figured it out yet, but he sure has the desire to try!  So perhaps, in his 9 month blog post, we will have some of those exciting milestones to share!  For now, looking back on this past month before he turned 8 months old, a lot has happened!  He gained a pound - which is VERY exciting to me!  He rode in an airplane for the first time and is sitting very well now, but even more than that, he now loves standing and playing in his excersaucer!  His legs are very, very strong.  He loves to have books read to him and now he can turn the pages and lift the flaps :)  He loves splashing around in bubble baths!  He can give slobbery kisses and wave bye-bye!  He has definitely entered a stage of developing by leaps and bounds!  He is a sponge and is soaking up so many things he hears and sees in the world around him!  It's an exciting time in his little life!  We are loving it!

We went to the park today and took some photos for his 8 month photo shoot :)  Enjoy!

He didn't know what to think of all that pokey grass he was sitting in!
 So he tried to keep his hands up and off of it! haha!

He truly is his daddy's little buddy!

The photographer got in on this one ;)

He loves to swing!

My boys :)

Friday, May 10, 2013

April Update

April was a busy month of traveling and great meetings in quite a few states!  We also got to be home for a week for our church's annual Our Time Youth Conference in the middle of the month!  Most people leave home to go on vacation, but not us!  Our vacation is whenever we get to be home!  At least, this is usually the case! :)  This visit home was so short - and with the added busyness of helping with the conference AND the *blessing* of so much rain that week which caused our basement to flood, we ended up working more than we rested!  But...even still...there is NO place like home or our home church!  And there is no bed like our own :)  So it was still a special week and we are so extremely grateful that God allowed us to be home for it!  Our next "vacation" will be for a few days in June and then not again until the end of August.  So a busy next few months ahead, but we are loving it and we keep saying, "Good thing we are young and can handle this kind of life!" Although, I have a feeling we'll be in our 50's or 60's one day and still saying the same thing!

David started eating baby food veggies on April 2!
David with his friends, Alana, Adam and Derek Judeh in West Virginia

 We got to speak and sing on West Virginia's Gospel Voice radio (which you can stream online or on your smart phone by getting the free App)

Fun experience!

David was SUCH a trooper that day!

 Revival Meetings at Roanoke Baptist Church in Roanoke, IN.

The Lord worked in a mighty way that week!

We got to visit my Aunt Bev in Indianapolis for a couple days!  We enjoyed
a fun trip to the zoo and she bought David this tiger as a souvenir :)

Our family at Aunt Bev's

STAND was the theme for the 2013 Our Time Youth Conference

Caleb and I sang "We Stand" in a mixed ensemble for the opening night of the Conference and all us ladies wore matching outfits :)  It was lots of fun!

It was the perfect way to open out the conference!  Click HERE to watch the video!
On Friday all of the speakers at the conference sang "Soldiers Again" - POWERFUL!  
If you'd like to watch it, click HERE.

Great crowd of teens and youth workers - we packed over 1,000 people in that auditorium!

Yes, Caleb was in a dunk contest - not a slam dunk contest but a church baptistry dunk contest!  In his suit pants and shirt.... needless to say, it was hard for me to enjoy it as I worried about him and his poor suit getting 
ruined in the water! lol!  What you'll do to give teens a good show, huh?

Caleb preached a powerful message Friday morning.  We praise God for this amazing opportunity to be involved in seeing Him change the hearts and lives of young people!

David turned 7 months old on April 20, the day we left home to drive out to SD for Revival Meetings.  
Check out my blog post "David - 7 Months Old!" to see more photos from his photo shoot.

Calvary Baptist Church in Huron, SD 

David and I with our new friends in South Dakota!

He actually has HAIR!! :)  Enough to mess up after bath time!

Next, we held Revival Meetings at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Independence, KS.

We had a wonderful week with our dear friends, Pastor and Mrs. Munson!

They saw that David enjoyed the toy their grandkids had, so they went out and bought him one of his own!
David is so blessed to have such sweet people in his life!

Big boy hair!!!

David and Daddy working tirelessly on finishing our newest duet CD.  Lord willing, the CD entitled "The Object Of Your Love" will be available for sale on our website: the beginning of June!  We will make an official announcement here on the blog with a link to our website when it is finished and ready for sale!

Friday, May 3, 2013

David - 7 months old!

Boy, time is flying!  I can barely keep up with getting the blog updated on David's new month before it's time to do it all over again!  David turned 7 months old on April 20, and we are just SO enjoying this super cute stage! He's still not mobile, so there's no worry about what he's getting into ("Is he eating computer wires?" or "Is he pulling all the clothes out of the suitcases?"....oh but I know those days will be here before we know it!).  However, his personality is just developing by leaps and can tell by the expressions on his face that he is understanding so much more than we think he is.  He is FULL of personality, has a million different expressions...our favorite one being his smile, which lights up a room and is given freely to anyone who even halfway glances his direction! :)  One of the things we recently discovered is that he LOVES clapping!  He can't do it yet, but he loves when we do it!  And he loves to put his hands on mine while I clap (almost like he's clapping with me) makes him laugh and smile from ear to ear!  So now, I try to think of lots of reasons to clap! ;)

Here are a few of the many shots I took for his 7-month photo shoot.  I took the pictures about a week after he turned 7 months, because he was sick with a bad cold then and I wanted to wait until he felt better for his pictures!