Thursday, May 28, 2015

Jonathan - 9 months old!

Our little man is growing up fast!  It is crazy how fast he is growing, changing, and developing!  He is not really mobile yet, but is very content to just sit and play with toys and watch David play! :)  He has started moving a little, however! We don't really see him do it, but when we look back a few minutes later, he has moved a few inches closer to something he's trying to reach! All while sitting up! He is so laid back and easy-going...we are very much enjoying this about Jonathan!  He absolutely LOVES his big brother!  His face lights up and he starts squealing excitedly whenever David comes close, talks to him, hugs him, etc! And David LOVES having a little person who thinks the world of him :) 
What can I say?  We are blessed.  I'm thankful.  My heart is full.  
I'm in love with three boys (one big and two little) ;)  Couldn't ask for anything more!

Spring Break @ HOME!

After a long 3 months of traveling, it sure was nice to be able to get home, relax, and enjoy our own beds, all the toys we left behind, and cooking all our favorite foods! We always love getting back to our church, and during this break, we got to help with our church's annual youth conference! It was a busy time, but a good time!  Here are some photos of what life was like during our spring break at home :)

David enjoyed helping me make chocolate chip cookies for our youth conference!

Jonathan, now 8 months old, is always so smiley :)

The epic set design for the stage at our youth conference!

We were honored to have Hershel 'Woody' Williams speak to the 1,000 or so people at the conference one night.  He is the last living Marine Medal of Honor recipient alive from WWII! 
Talk about "COURAGEOUS"!!!

Caleb and the guest preachers singing "Soldiers Again"

Just because we're a few (ahem) years older than these teens doesn't mean we can't participate with as much craziness and vigor to win a prize for our McDonald's cheeseburgers! 
(L to R: Charity Brown (our pastor's wife), Rachel Wyatt (missionary Jerry Wyatt's wife), 
and yours truly (the evangelist's wife/teenager at <3)

We enjoyed the opportunities we had to have friends from church over! 

We got to enjoy a fun double date with our good friends, John and Cassie Woodward!

We did leave home for a little over a week for a meeting in MO and a meeting in KS.
Here, Caleb is preaching the Sunday services at Agape Baptist Church...he also preached every day to the boys of the Agape Boarding School (home to around 200 boys with troubled pasts).

I had the neat opportunity to teach one day in the Girls' Home!

That Saturday, Caleb preached and we sang for a big youth rally at Harvest Baptist Church in Manhattan, KS!

David with one of his new friends Sunday night after church!  I love seeing him make friends...he is not shy, and has usually made one or two buddies by the time the day is over :)

We went home for a few more days before heading out for our busy 3-month summer tour.  
One night, the sweet Bontrager family had us over for dinner!

The boys had a blast playing outside!

Too much sweetness, I almost can't take it :)

I love this shot! The sun setting, the farm/garden in the background and beautiful Liz and Rebecca! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

End of Spring Update

We had a great end to our spring travels...take a look!

The cute faces of our growing little Jonathan! (he is 7 months here)

Fun (and delicious) dinner date out with my man!

We had so much fun spending a week in GA with meetings, getting to stay with Caleb's older brother Bruce and his family!  David LOVED all the special time with his cousins and Emily loved having a live baby doll to hold, take care of, and play with!

March 20, 2015 - FIVE years married!!!!!!  We had a fun night out together...God has blessed me with such a passionate, visionary, loving, protective, thoughtful, and just plain FUN guy!!!! Five years down, a lifetime to go! <3

Great meeting at Frederick Baptist Church in Maryland.

Love my little handsome men!

We were so thankful we could be at Capitol Connection again this year!  
Brother Harding is a faithful friend and mentor to Caleb.  

With the chaplain of the Medal of Honor Society

We had the chance to meet up with our good friends, Clifford and Christina Keister while they were visiting family in MD!

David, Jonathan and their little friend, Valerie, the pastors daughter in WV!

Resurrection Sunday!!!! My little men all spiffed up in their Sunday best!

Happy Easter from the Garraways!

Caleb preaching on Easter Sunday in Indiana at Blackford Baptist Temple

Helping Daddy shop for ties ;)

Yay!  We are so excited to be home for a little break in April!  We love our park (one block away)!

Sweet boy!

How can this be?!?  April 14 - Jonathan turned 8 months old.  He is such a smiley, sweet baby!  He ha 4 teeth and loves eating food!  He is content to sit and play with toys and watch big brother run around playing!  We are so thankful for little Jonathan Lee!

Handsome chubby profile!


A quick shot before he started eating the leaf! haha!