Wednesday, April 10, 2013

David Is 6 Months Old!!!

I know, I know, I'm so behind in posting this that in just a little over a week, David will be SEVEN months old!!  But, better late than never, right? :)

I feel like the last couple months have been big ones for David...his looks have been changing (he's getting chubbier and yes...MORE HAIR!!), he's gone from nursing exclusively to eating baby cereal (and since his 6 month birthday, we have added some veggies to his diet, which he LOVES!), and he can sit much better now and is so interactive with his toys.  He loves to feel textures still (even with his feet!) and he tries to get the doggies all over his pajamas!  It's hilarious to watch him studying them in deep concentration as he tries to grab them over and over again!  He also is extremely perceptive and attentive, for example when a person is talking, he will just study their face and watch them talk without blinking an eye!  The other night, I was sitting in bed with him on my lap, reading Bible stories to him before bed.  After many minutes of looking at the pictures (and feeling the smooth pages, of course!), it was like all of the sudden, he realized I was behind him, talking!  So he turned all the way around and looked up at me and just watched (with an enraptured face) as I continued reading!  He did that two different times that night!

We're working on saying "dada" and "mama"...sometimes, I feel like he's SO close!  But instead of saying a real word, he just resorts to his usual bubble blowing sounds!  We're also working on scooting, but he's not interested in it yet.  When we lay him on his belly on the ground with a toy in front of him, slightly out of his reach, he'll grunt and reach for it a little at first, but then when he realizes he can't get to it, he surrenders and just face plants and starts trying to eat the carpet :-/

Well, enough about are the pictures I took the day after he turned 6 months old!
(they were taken on his 26 week birthday!)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

March Madness

Ok, well not really "madness"...more like "busy-ness" and "craziness" but those don't go as well with "March" so, just leave me alone and let me alliterate, ok?!?  I AM married to Caleb Garraway, the alliteration king, after all!! Haha!

Anyway, I'd like to take you back in time, on a journey with us, as we experienced wonderful things in our lives and ministry in the month of March.  March was an exciting month...not only did it include weeks and weeks of traveling and special meetings (in Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland and West Virginia)....BUT....March is also the month that Caleb and I celebrated our 3-year wedding anniversary (March 20) and on that SAME day, David celebrated his 6-month birthday!!  David hit many milestones this month: he's sitting up better, can stand up while holding onto something (with supervision, of course!).  He also got 2 bottom teeth and he started eating baby cereal!  AND he went to the park and rode on a swing for the first time!  He loved it!  We are so thankful for our little guy and how well he does traveling!  He has met so many people and made so many friends!  What a life, huh?  He is one blessed, loved little boy!  Enjoy these snap shots of our lives in the month of March!

David with his friend, Bethany Sparks, who we stayed with while in Alabama in the beginning of March.
On March 3, we had a great "Spring Into Church" Sunday (despite the snow!) at
Fellowship Baptist Church in Bedford, KY.

Caleb and Pastor Sam Epley, one of Caleb's best friends.
On Monday, we went to the Creation Museum using free passes from a friend.
David sat up (with the help of his hands!) for the first time 
on Monday night, March 4! (5 1/2 months old)
We enjoyed getting to visit our dear friends, the Bontragers,
who also travel out of our church in Iowa.  They sing concerts all around the country!

Their concert was amazing!!

David, looking like such a big boy, ready for church!

 Caleb preaching Sunday services at Higher Ground Baptist Church in Tennessee on March 10.

We got to spend a day with Caleb's dad in the Pidgin Forge area of Tennessee
where he was staying for a couple days between meetings.

We were with Bible Baptist Church, also in TN, on Weds. March 13.  This church was started by Gil Bates (from "United Bates of America" on TLC) a few months ago and has a neat story behind how they got this space to rent from the hotel.  They are praying for God to provide a real building soon!

We enjoyed dinner at Cracker Barrel after the service.  Great time of fellowship 
with Bro. Gil and Kelly Bates and 2 of their 19 kids!

The next day, we had a great lunch with the Bates before heading on down the road.
They loved David!

Carlin Bates is a good friend and "pen-pal" of mine and she was so excited to 
finally get to meet David!  As you can imagine, she's quite a natural when it comes to babies :)

 For a week in the middle of March, we got to visit Caleb's brother, Bruce and his family in Georgia!
David enjoyed all the attention from his big cousins, Emily (8) and Grant (2)!

At 25 weeks old, David ate baby cereal for the first time!  

Emily and Grant at the park one sunny 80 degree day!

David's first time riding in a swing!!

Snapped a few pictures with our nice camera that day at the park.
We are so thankful for our wonderful family!
(Bruce, Rebekah, Emily and Grant Garraway)

Brothers ;) 

I love my little Emily!

Our family

Emily helped me a lot in the kitchen that week!

 On Sunday, March 17, we were with Galilean Baptist Church in Lawrenceville, GA.

Caleb with Pastor Rex McPherson

On Weds., March 20, David turned 6 months old!  Check out our special blog post to see
more pictures from his 6-month photo shoot by Mommy!

 That day was also our 3-year wedding anniversary!  We went out for lunch and to the mall!

That night, on March 20, we had great services at Calvary Baptist in Loganville, GA.

We had great services at Victorious Valley Home and Church in North Carolina...but I don't think I got any pictures! :(
Oh well....after NC, our next stop was Maryland!  One night we got to visit some 
good friends of ours, Serge and Pam Daza and their kids, Gracie and Dougie!

 Easter Sunday!!

 We were with Sligo Baptist Church in Silver Spring, MD on March 31, Easter Sunday.

Daddy and David by the book table after church Sunday night :)

So thankful for our precious son and how well he does on the road with us!