Friday, May 11, 2018

Spring Family Photos

Had to get outside and take some pictures with the beautiful flowers and trees blooming! (And our prayer card was in need of an updated photo!)

Spring Adventures!

It was a busy 3 months on the road from January-April! Even after we got home, things stayed busy, with our home church's youth conference, David finishing Kindergarten, and gearing up for our summer travels (which begin tomorrow!). We had many wonderful meetings this spring in Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey and Missouri! The Holy Spirit moved and worked, altars were full, tears were shed, lives were changed - we are just thankful we could be a small part of the spreading of revival across this land! We made many special memories, met so many sweet people, saw lots of old dear friends, and were blessed by so many brothers and sisters in Christ! Our hearts are full and we are thankful! Enjoy this short recap of some of the highlights of our Spring Tour!

We had a great day with Friendship Baptist Church in Arkansas!

David is loving Kindergarten! He enjoys learning how to read!

Jan. 17 - Alyssa is 20 months old!

Took a family selfie while waiting in the parking lot for the pastor to arrive at the restaurant one evening in Decatur, TX!

Had a super fun time with Cornerstone Baptist Church at their Valentine's banquet!

David sharing Scripture and song in Mississippi one evening during our Revival there!

Second Valentine's Banquet, at Crossroads Baptist Church in Gainesville, TX!

Feb. 14 - Jonathan is 3 1/2!

Passed through Waco and had to stop! 
Love Fixer Upper, Chip & Jo, and the Magnolia home decorating style!!!

Wonderful day with Lakeland Street Baptist in Ft. Worth, TX celebrating 76 years of God's faithfulness!

Another month has passed! Feb. 17 - Miss Alyssa Lynn is 21 months old!

We greatly enjoyed our day with Christchurch Baptist Fellowship and Pastor Johnny Pope in Houston! Alyssa loved the ice cream at lunch, as you can see! 

Johnny was thrilled to meet Pastor Johnny! :)

At the beach in Galveston, TX!!!

Ah yes....warm sun, saltwater, and sand! In February! No complaints here!!

Me and my girl sporting our shades!

We had a wonderful Revival with Trinity Baptist Church in Texas City, TX! Through the preaching, God did a work in many hearts, specifically in the Pastor's teenage son's heart! He wrote us later and told us how he had been running from God and not right with his parents. Through the conviction of the Spirit during the revival messages, he surrendered to the Lord and reconciled with his parents! He now wants to serve God full-time and go to Bible College! Praise the Lord!!!!

David loves to sing with us!

New friends!

Alyssa made a new friend at Victory Baptist Church in Baytown, TX!

We then spent 2 days driving from TX up to D.C. for Capitol Connection! David enjoyed attending a couple of the nights! 

Double date with our good friends, Bro. and Mrs. Harding (he is the director of Awake America and he runs Capitol Connection). 

Got to ride the Capitol Wheel at the National Harbor!

March 17 - Alyssa is 22 months old!

March 20 - Our 8th wedding anniversary! We had such a special date day (kids were with a babysitter) - did lots of shopping, got starbucks, hit up our favorite restaurant (behind us in this photo) and had so much fun just spending the day together!!

David turned 5 1/2 on March 20 :)

Wonderful time with Pastor Charlie Clark and our friends at Solid Rock Baptist Church in NJ!

This girl - she lights up the room! (and you gotta love the fountain hairdo she's got going on!)

Wonderful revival meetings at Central Baptist Church in Jefferson City, MO! These girls were so fun to hang out with!!

Home sweet home! Love cooking with my little jr chefs!

Our church had a special day during the spring program and David got to help hold a python in our church auditorium!

This girl loves to eat!! And she looks so adorable while doing it!

Braving the big slide with brother holding on tight!

My little puzzle boy - excited to be home and see some of his old puzzles again!

April 17 - one month till Alyssa's 2nd birthday!

Our Time Youth Conference 2018 at our home church, Marion Avenue Baptist Church!

All the speakers and men who led the conference!

For the first time...we got all the wives in a shot! Yay!!

My sweet boy - Johnny loves bringing mommy flowers! We are so excited it's finally Spring in Iowa!!

On May 4, David finished Kindergarten! He has thoroughly enjoyed the Abeka dvd program and his teacher Mrs. Reese! He has beautiful penmanship (he learned cursive this year!) and he loves to read! We are so proud of our big boy!