Saturday, July 25, 2015

Jonathan - 10 months old!

This boy is ever growing, ever learning, and always smiling! Such a fun little guy! :) Can't believe on June 14 he turned 10 months old!

The sleepy stare..... Why do I always take his pictures right before nap time?!? :)

What a precious little blessing he is! We love you, Jonathan Lee!!!!

June Update

June went by in a blur - Vacation Bible Schools and a week of camp in WV! The boys had a blast! We had a few chances to swim (in hotels and at camp) and David especially LOVED that! David got to attend his first VBS, and sat so still each night and paid attention...we were so proud of him! Jonathan turned 10 months old, and we just can't get enough of his cheery smiles! He learned how to scoot around while sitting up and he got a couple new teeth. Lots happening around the Garraway household...check out some of our photos here!!

We are definitely enjoying the summer sunshine!

A family date to Red Robin! Even Jonathan got to eat some of our food! He loved the fries!!!

This little fishie loves the water! We were so proud of him as he got more and more brave each day! 

We had a wonderful Sunday at Peoples Baptist Church in Mansfield, OH...I'm thankful for all the godly examples our boys have to look up to all around the country!

David and I went on our first ever mommy/son date one day! :)

How can it be?!? June 14 - Jonathan is 10 months old!

Sweet smiles and big bright blue eyes....does it get any cuter?!?

A quick "Cheese!" from David!

These can a mommy's heart hold so much love?

While in Ohio, Caleb's dad was able to pass through and visit our meeting one Weds. night, as well as spend the next day with us!

Grandpa reading the Bible story for the boys before bed!

Caleb preached at Mt. Salem Revival Grounds in WV one week. Praise God for the tender hearts of the teens that were there!

Swimming in the beautiful camp pool!

We snapped a picture of all of us together one night before the service!

These boys love story time with daddy!

Father's Day!!!!!

We had a wonderful week of Vacation Bible School at Greater Cumberland Baptist Church in Hopkinsville, KY near the end of June! I taught the missionary story each night on the life of John Paton, missionary to the cannibalistic New Hebrides islands off the coast of Australia 200 years ago.

So special to be at the church of some of our best friends, Michael and Nadia Shaver!  The boys enjoyed hanging out during the week with their buddies, Jaden and Deacon!

So thankful for a husband who truly LOVES each child he ministers to each and every summer (we're talking hundreds and hundreds!) and pours himself out to them for hours each night of VBS...they know he truly cares about them and it shows! :)

Our last VBS in June was at First Baptist Church of Kenmore, OH - what a great and excited crowd! David got to attend this VBS every night and he loved it!