Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Look Back At May...

We left home in the beginning of this month and have had some wonderful meetings and adventures since then!

May 8 - ready or not, here we go! All packed up and ready for an exciting ministry-filled summer!

First stop: Kansas!  I had the blessing of speaking at a ladies banquet on May 9 for Harvest Baptist Church.  It was so nice to have Pastor Henderson's wife there with her daughters...she has suffered with many physical ailments and I didn't think she would make it, but she did!  We all had a wonderful time together!

Thankful for these two blessings and the privilege of being their mommy! 
(Mother's Day, 2015)

Ridin' in style!

While in MO, I was able to get away for a day with the boys and visit my sister and her three girls!  Even though it was a short time, we enjoyed the special day together!

David (2 1/2), Emma (4), Julia (9 months), Jonathan (2 days shy of 9 months - yes, they are two days apart in age!!), and Charlotte (2 1/2 - she and David are 6 weeks apart!)

The "twins" - Julia and Jonathan!

So thankful for the blessing of spending 2 weeks with my Aunt Bev in Indiana, basing out of her home while we had meetings in the area! These boys LOVE their Auntie Bev and she's pretty fond of them too!

My buddy!

Every once in a while, he's in the mood to pose and smile real good for pictures...this evening was one of those times!  I took full advantage of it (although I only had my phone to take pictures with!)

We had a couple fun days at the Children's Museum while we were here!

Transformer's exhibit!

Jonathan discovered a new "friend" :)

We also hit up the zoo two different times while we were in Indianapolis!

David and his wink (he's got it down pretty good!)

Selfie with Mr. Elephant in the background ;)

David was THRILLED - he got to feed a giraffe!!!!

This kid LOVES dolphins!  He could've stayed in this spot all day watching them swim around in there!!

We had a great meeting on Memorial Day weekend at Fellowship Baptist Church in Bedford, KY!  Jonathan had a blast in the church nursery!  Get a load of that SMILE! :)

Memorial Day!  Fun outside with Auntie Bev!

I'm so thankful my boys are able to make special memories with my aunt just like my siblings and I did when we were their age!!

David and Jonathan, wearing their new matching outfits from Auntie Bev!

Someone is super excited to be having corn on the cob for dinner!

We had a wonderful meeting with Calvary Road Baptist Church in Sellersburg, IN on Weds, May 27.

David loves fruit!  He recently has enjoyed eating apples whole (I have to make sure I grab it when he's done, or he'd keep eating down to the core and seeds!)

After both of the trips to the zoo we've had in the past week, it shouldn't surprise me to see David playing "Zoo" with his animals outside :) I love seeing his little imagination at work!

We finished out the month at Berlin Heights Baptist Church in Ohio, enjoying a wonderful day of services there with them on May 31! As the month of June begins, we are really looking forward to an exciting month of more adventures and lots of ministry! We'll continue to keep you posted!