Thursday, June 27, 2013

David - 9 Months Old!

Wait, did I just type that?  NINE months old??  How can this be?  Time is going by way too fast!  But we sure are enjoying these precious moments with our little man!  In a way, it feels like he's always been in our lives, but in another way, it's crazy that he's already nine months old!  This has been a HUGE milestone month for David.  He got 4 new teeth (so he went from having 2 to having 6...all in about 2 weeks!).  He started "talking" :)  He says, "ma-ma-ma" and "ba-ba-ba" (which is definitely, by far, his favorite thing to say! He says it ALL the time... while playing, eating, riding in the car... even as he's dozing off to sleep!).  He has tried out some "big people" food this month, like crackers (which from day one he has downed like a pro!  I guess having 6 teeth helps...a little), grapes and bananas (those fruits are so slimy that he has a hard time picking them up and getting them into his mouth, but he enjoys them just the same!).  He has officially gone down to 2 naps a day, which has caused him to sleep better than ever at night!  He used to go 8 or so hours straight (sometimes more, but every once in a while even less...which was always frustrating).  But now, he pretty consistently sleeps 11-12 hours a night without waking up!  What a joyous accomplishment! :)  For ALL of us!!  One day, after a trip to Walmart, we were in the parking lot putting the grocery bags into the van, when all of the sudden, I noticed David putting his hands together over and over again.  I realized he was clapping!  Kinda!  So I starting cheering and clapping too and he starting smiling really big and kept slapping his hands together!  We did it quite a bit!  Then the next day, he clapped again for the camera!! :)  He loves reading books!  But more enjoyable than even the story or the pictures, is the activity of turning the pages and lifting the flaps!  He always turns the pages with his left hand, but lifts flaps with his right!  Very interesting!  We'll have to wait and see if he takes after Daddy and is left handed, or takes after Mommy and is a righty!

I got to snap a few pictures one day in the Pastor's home where we were staying in Columbia, MO.  A few were taken outside and a few inside in the kitchen.  It was the only room with decent lighting...and I thought the white tile was pretty neat to work with!

So stately...just like his dad :)

 Haha!  This is the kind of face Caleb made a lot in pictures of him as a baby :)

haha :)

"I'm ready to get off of this cold, hard floor now, Mom!"

Thursday, June 13, 2013

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Our Time to Stand is a cooperative effort by a young generation of Bible-believing preachers to stir the ranks, encourage believers, and challenge God’s people to answer the call of Ezekiel 22:30. 

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Gospel Tract Stories is comprised of amazing accounts of how a gospel tract played an important part in a person’s salvation. This booklet will not only inform Christians that tracts do actually work in spreading the Gospel, but also encourage them to either start handing out Gospel tracts, continue passing them out, or increase their efforts to distribute even more for the cause of Christ.

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Merry Month of May :)

May was a busy month of family time, great meetings, a trip to NYC for David and me and a missions trip to the Philippines for Caleb!  Come along with me on a pictorial journey through the busy, exciting, memorable, "merry" month of May!

We started out the month with Revival Meetings at Faith Baptist Church
in Osawatomie, KS.
Since my sister didn't live too far from there, David and I drove to visit her and her girls
 one day and we all went to the zoo!

David's not too sure what to think of this train ride at the zoo!

Later that week, we met up with my sister Becki and her husband Paul again in KC, Missouri.  
Paul took photos of us for our new cd cover!  Then we enjoyed AMAZING, HUGE pizza slices at Pizza 51!

The day before Mother's Day, I spoke at a mother/daughter luncheon at 
Harvest Baptist Church in Manhattan, KS.  They gave me this special "Sundae" made up of 
"kisses & snickers"...get it?  Now that I'm a mom, I get lots of kisses and snickers from my little boy ;) Cute, huh?

Beautiful table decorations!

They decorated the podium really nicely too!

Delicious "feminine food" - Chicken salad on crescent rolls, veggies, etc...and for dessert?  
Make-your-own parfaits!  With yogurt, granola, chocolate chips (because though we desire to be healthy, 
every woman loves a little chocolate!), berries, slivered was super creative and amazingly delicious!

My first "real" mother's day! :)

Caleb actually had David "hold" the pen and write this note in my Mother's Day card!

Caleb preaching at Harvest Baptist Church on Mother's Day.

With new friends, Cherith Henderson (the pastor's daughter) and Lydia Berry.

The day after Mother's Day, we woke up at 1:45 am to get to the airport for our flight to Detroit.  
From Detroit, Caleb flew to the Philippines and David and I flew to NYC!  This was David's FIRST plane ride!  
He was so tired he slept the whole time ;)

The following few photos are of Caleb's trip...

Caleb with some kids he met on the streets.

Riding in a trike!  

Caleb led these two teen boys to the Lord one afternoon! 
Caleb got to preach a dedication service for this young couple starting a church in a remote village.

 The outside of their building

Singing "This Blessed Old Book"
Caleb actually sang quite a bit in the camp and churches he ministered in.  
It was acapela, but they didn't mind!

 Caleb taught this group of teens at a Christian Camp.
With more children out on the streets
 They passed out many tracts and found that the people were very receptive!

 Caleb preached at Christian Baptist Church in Santa Maria on Sunday morning.

Most of the children Caleb met on the streets were orphans.

 On the plane ride home, Caleb was able to share the Gospel with this man sitting next to him and
he received Christ as his Savior!

While Caleb was in the Philippines, David and I were enjoying a special 
10 days with my parents in New York City!

David loves his PopPop and Grandma!

David is cute ALL the time...but especially first thing in the morning :)  Don't you think?

Visiting PopPop in his office at church!

It was SO much fun getting to play the piano in the church where I grew up!  Brought back so many fun memories!

Sang in the service with my friends since childhood: Sheryl Samuel and Vladimir Vallejo!

That Sunday, we honored my parents for their 25 years of faithfulness at Faith Baptist Church
 AND their 30 years of marriage!

It was such a wonderful day and I am so thankful I could be there for it!

On Monday, May 20, David turned 8 months old!!!!

Grandpa Garraway was in town and came over to see David one afternoon!

Fun at the park with Grandma!

He's gonna get all his sports knowledge from PopPop!

He loves swinging!

See that smile?!  That is one happy boy right there!

On our last night at church, we got to sit down at the piano and play for fun before service started :)

Reunited at last!

A couple days after we got back to Kansas, we took David to the park and took his 8 month pictures!

All of us at the park

David sat in a restaurant high chair at the table with us for the first time!

On Sunday, May 26, we were with South Knollwood Baptist Church.

Caleb with his good friend, Pastor Jeremy Metsinger

 Dinner at Red Robin with the Metsingers

Our final meeting of the "Spring Tour - Part 2" was at Bible Baptist Church in Dodge City, KS from May 29-June2.
God moved and worked in a mighty way!  This photo was taken on Friday night.

One day, we got to tour the old fashioned town of Dodge City and the famous "Boot Hill" (where famous lawmen Wyatt Earp and others buried the outlaws they killed!  The graves were dug quickly and were so shallow that the outlaws' boots poked through the soil!  Thus the name "Boot Hill" was born!)

Final day of the Revival - Sunday.  A young man trusted Christ after this service!  Praise the Lord!!!