Thursday, January 24, 2013

David - 4 Months Old!

David celebrated his four month birthday this past Sunday, on January 20!  We are so thankful for our little blessing boy!  He is such a happy, content and easy-going baby and he has the most ready smile and will smile at ANYONE!!  Even the creepy waitress from a restaurant a couple weeks ago...he LOVED her! :)  Yesterday, I did a little photo shoot with him in our hotel room here in Tuscon, AZ.
Here are a few of the best shots! Enjoy :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Starting Fresh.... 2013

Well, this blogging site decided to start limiting how many MB of pictures we put on our blogs, and unfortunately, I had already reached my limit (in less than 20 posts!).  :(  So now, we are starting fresh.  I've wiped our blog clean and now, when I upload a photo, I'll make sure it's a small file, so I can fit lots and lots on here before the blog gets full again!

Also, now our blog site is on our updated prayer card, so more and more people will be checking us out here...which means that before I do anything, I'd like to introduce us to those of you who may not know us too well (or who would like to know us better!)....

We are Caleb and Katie Garraway.

Well, not quite that young-lookin' anymore!  Let's fast-forward about 23 or so years to when God brought us together in marriage, on March 20, 2010.


It was the perfect day!  A couple months later, after setting up our little house in Oklahoma, we set out on the road in full-time Evangelism!  Caleb had traveled for a year before we got married, but was very excited to have me join him once we had tied the knot!  In our ministry, we hold Revival Meetings, American Heritage Conferences, Youth meetings and conferences, and Vacation Bible name a few!  We also sing together everywhere we go!  We have had lots of adventures all over the country...

 Sandia Peak in New Mexico

 Mount Rushmore in South Dakota

The Alamo in Texas
San Francisco, California

 Golden Gate Bridge

But a couple of our greatest adventures occurred last year...first, we moved to Washington, IA....

...and we found out we were expecting our first child!!!

A BOY!!!!

                 5 Months                                                                         8 1/2 Months (4 days before birth!)

Then....on September 20, 2012, our lives were changed forever when our precious son, David Matthew Garraway was born!

5 Days old

We left home on January 3, 2013 to travel again after 4 months at home.  We love the ministry God has called us to, and are really enjoying traveling again - this time as a family of three! :)