Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our Journeys in February

In February, we were in New Mexico, all over Texas, Florida, and Alabama!  It was a busy month and went by fast! (doesn't it always, though? only 28 days...)  Anyway, God was good to us in keeping us busy, giving us safety, blessing our meetings and allowing us to meet new friends, see old friends, and enjoy fellowshipping with fellow believers all across these states!  Here are a handful of photos from the month...we don't always get pictures at every church or event, but we've tried to capture as much of the action as possible.  So ignore the gaps, and just enjoy reviewing our adventures in February! 

On February 3, we were at Gospel Light Baptist Church with Pastor Lenintine in New Mexico.
David in his Sunday Best - excited to go to church!
Caleb preaching at GLBC
"This Evangelism stuff wears me out!"
The next week, we had the chance to stop in for a night of Missions Conference at Bro. Ross' church - Open Door Baptist Church - in Mesquite, TX!  It was great to see them again (he performed our wedding - they are like adopted parents to Caleb!).  And they loved meeting David!
We got to help decorate for a Valentine's Banquet at Bible Baptist in Pampa, TX!
It was fun getting to help and the banquet was wonderful!
David, too busy flirting with the ladies to pay attention to the book Mrs. Esther Cantrell was reading!
David showing off a new skill - sucking on his toes!! ;)
Common occurrence - all the ladies in the church gathered around David!  He is very loved!
We enjoyed our time at Fellowship Baptist Church in Spearman, TX with Pastor Phillip Hudson and his family!
David loves learning about technology with Daddy :)
Chillin' with Momma in the car after a feeding
We borrowed a bumbo seat from the church nursery and David really enjoyed it!
From Feb. 21-23, we enjoyed an exciting "Back to the Basics" Bible Conference at Trinity Baptist Church in Texas City, TX.  Caleb and Bro. Marc Johnson (left) were the guest speakers.  Pastor Hector Rodriguez (center) was a great host for this conference!
We sang a lot those few days :)
Sunday, Feb. 24th was a God-and-Country day at TBC
We enjoyed getting to be with our dear friends, the Rodriguez' (they moved from Washington, IA to TX at the same time we moved to Iowa and God worked out every detail in such a miraculous way - we ended up buying their house!)
David, Hector Jr. and Brianna with our little David :)
We had a couple off days from Feb. 25-27, so on our way from TX to Alabama, we stopped in for a visit to Pensacola Christian College (where I went for a year and a half).  They also produce the ABeka homeschool curriculum and DVD's that Caleb used from K-12th grade.  
I had a few friends still there (now grad students!) - including 2 of my roommates, Chelsea West and Jess Wadland!  Hard to believe all that has changed in my life since those days at PCC!
They enjoyed getting to meet Caleb and David!
With Jess (who was my best friend while at PCC.....and still is!) and another friend from childhood who is now a student there, Monica Marshall.  I hadn't seen Monica in 8 or 9 years!  So good to see her again and see how God has been leading her life!
We went to chapel
Sweet friends!  Jess, Candace, Monica and her sister, Jessica :)
Such a fun 2-day walk down memory lane!

David - 5 Months Old!

David turned 5 months old on February 20!  We cannot believe how fast time is flying by with our little man!  He can now roll over (from tummy to back AND back to tummy) and grab his feet and put them in his mouth.  He is still teething, but no sign of teeth yet! :-/  He is more verbal and has discovered varying pitches in his we get to hear serenades of David discovering high notes, low notes, squeals, shrieks, gurgles and everything in between!  He is an absolute joy and so much fun to travel with.  He loves meeting new people and melts the hearts of all the girls/ladies he meets along the way!  Who wouldn't be immediately allured by his big blue eyes, huge smile and adorable dimple?!? :)

Here are some photos I took on his five month birthday!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Meetings in January

On January 3rd, we packed up our van (and when I say packed, I mean PACKED!!!)...

...and hit the road.  First stop: Amarillo, TX.  But on the way, we stopped in Oklahoma to visit with some friends!  We enjoyed a yummy breakfast with Bro. Chuck Harding, his wife, and daughter Ceci!

Then it was on to Amarillo...we held a Back to School Revival in the Academy at Central Baptist Church.  The theme was "Knowing the Will of God" and the young people seemed very receptive and hungry to learn about discerning what God's path for their life is.

Caleb also preached and we sang in the Sunday services at CBC and the 
Wednesday night service as well.  We had a fun week there!
David and Daddy playing
Caleb and David with Pastor Jerald Chadwick at CBC in Amarillo.
 On January 13, we were at Bella Vista Baptist Church in Albuquerque, NM - we had great services there all day Sunday.  Caleb was able to preach to the teens in S.S. and then the main services in the morning and evening, filling the pulpit for Pastor Clyde Gillman who was preaching out of state.

David LOVES meeting new people!
I love the mountains!!

Then we traveled further west to Arizona...we enjoyed a few days off to see the Grand Canyon and the Desert Museum in Tuscon!

This is what we call the "Double Bubble" :)
Fun with Daddy during a feeding pit stop while traveling
Desert Museum (really more like a zoo)...who doesn't love a little 70 degree weather in the middle of January?!

On Sunday, January 20, we were with Mountain Vista Baptist Church in Sierra Vista, AZ.

Then it was on to Tuscon Baptist Temple for a teen service on Weds. January 23.

We enjoyed a fun night with our friends John and Cassie Woodward while in Tuscon!

We then traveled east for a youth rally at Central Baptist in Amarillo...

Then it was back to Albuquerque, NM for a youth rally and Sunday services at 
New Heights Baptist Church!

With Pastor and Mrs. Reyes
While in Albuquerque, we enjoyed staying with our dear friends, James and Andrea Leeder.  We were able to keep our yearly tradition going - a wonderful meal at Tucano's, the big Brazilian steak house.

We enjoyed playing with/reading to their three little ones, Hannah (3), Ben (2) and Megan (1) and David was very excited to make some new friends!

We also recorded our next duet cd!!  We are super thrilled that it is done and we pray that God gives us wisdom as we edit and mix it in the coming weeks.  I will post an update when it is released!  You can purchase it from our website:  

David joined us during practice time and then slept while we recorded! :)