Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Home...and the New Addition :)

We got home after many months of travel on July 31!  We quickly got things ready for the new baby (due in less than a month) and enjoyed the last couple weeks with David before baby brother made his appearance (2 weeks early!).  Enjoy these photos of our lives this past month...
We love good ol' Iowa sweet corn!

David went a couple days just LOVING his hat from the Indianapolis Zoo!  He even wore it to bed :)

Our last Sunday as a family of 3!  Of course, we didn't know it at that time :)

Out for a date with my man!

Picnic at our town square with Grandma!

And a stop at the Library

Early Thursday morning, August 14, we headed to the hospital and wondered if this was really the day our second son would be born!  I was two weeks early (but David was also two weeks early)...and I had been feeling "funny" for a couple days.  

This is it, folks!  D-day!!!  Time to have a baby!!!  Caleb was my rock...kept me company as we walked the halls for hours.  Kept me sane as I went through labor.  He was right by my side the whole time.  

Looking into the face of a miracle - nothing proves the miraculous power of God like the birth of a baby!

Welcome to the world, Jonathan Lee Garraway!  7lbs 9oz, 20 inches long.

Nothing quite as precious as a fresh newborn face!

After 24 hours, we were allowed to go home from the hospital!  David was thrilled to meet his little brother!  Here is a snapshot of the video I took as David met Jonathan for the first time.  Here he is giving Jonathan a kiss :)

PopPop and Grandma were thrilled to meet their newest grandson!

Jonathan's first smile in his sleep to be caught on camera!  2 days old

Off to church - this Sunday as a family of four!! :)

Watching brother play in the jungle gym!

Blissful sleep...

While my parents were in town, we went to the Iowa Children's Museum!

What a fun place!!  David LOVED it!

Reading "Adam Raccoon" or Coom as David calls it!  This is David's favorite book right now.

Pointing out Jonathan's facial features for the camera...

A little grin from the big one-week old!!!

Just can't get enough...can you blame me?!?

Kisses from big brother!

I'm in love with my boys :)  We are so blessed.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

David - 23 months old!

On August 20, David turned 23 months old.  He is talking up a storm now and is actually getting to be more and more understandable ;)  He says sentences with weird verb tenses (like if you ask him, "Do you want chips?" Instead of saying "I do", he says "I does"!  Or if he is holding something, he'll say "I had this" instead of "I have this" :)  Cute little things like that I never want to forget!  He loves playing with his balls and his new basketball hoop (well, new to us - we found it at Goodwill for $5!  We wanted to buy him one for his birthday, but since we found this one cheap at the thriftstore, we just bought it early and gave it to him right away.  He's been enjoying it ever since!).  Whenever we Skype with family, he says "Ball!  Hoop!" and runs off to the hoop to show them his basketball skills :) His favorite book right now is "Adam Racoon in Lost Woods", which he calls "Coom" (for raccoon).  He asks to read it all the time and even can sit by himself and "read" it to himself (fully dramatized, though hard to understand!).  This month, he got to see both sets of grandparents, and really has bonded with my dad - his PopPop (he calls him "pop").  It's amazing what a strong bond they have, despite only seeing each other a handful of times a year!  Since the new baby has come, photo shoots are a little more hard to schedule into our day...but here is David's 23 month photo :)

David - 22 months old!

David turned 22 months old on Caleb's birthday, July 20th!  It is hard to believe he is almost 2 already!  This year has flown by! David is growing in knowledge by leaps and amazes us each day at the new things he grasps and remembers!  He is also growing physically...this month, we had our new baby, Jonathan - and compared to his teeny tiny-ness, David is HUGE! :)  David is a wonderful big brother and it is so special to see him growing to love his little brother more and more each day!


We are thrilled to announce the birth of our new little blessing from God!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Our Summer on the Road

We have been BUSY, traveling all summer, getting home, preparing for the new baby (due in less than 3 weeks!)....But I'd like to quickly catch you up on some of the highlights of the summer.  We praise God for the safety He gave us with many miles of traveling.  He blessed every meeting, every service, every camp and VBS...we are overwhelmed at the awesome opportunity to be used of God in our country and pray that the fruit remains in the work that was accomplished.

Wonderful Sunday services in early June at Maineville Baptist Church in Ohio.

Enjoying some Chickfila ice dream :)

David loves his chips and queso!  He's a foodie like his parents!

First Vacation Bible School of the summer!  Peoples Baptist Church, Mansfield, OH.

The kids go wild with this game!

We spent a week at Mt. Salem Revival Grounds in WV...Caleb preached hard and God really moved in the teens hearts.

David got to go swimming for the first time!  He loves to splash! :)

Then it was on to Hopkinsville, KY for a wonderful week of VBS at Greater Cumberland Baptist Church.


7 months along!  Excited to meet our little boy in 2 months!

We sure enjoyed our time staying with our friends Michael and Nadia Shaver!  

David and Jaden Shaver became fast friends!

Happy 4th of July!


A family selfie :)

Such a tall boy!

Helping Daddy work :)

Had a great "God and Our Country" Sunday at Trinity Baptist Church in Texas City, TX!

smooches for our baby!

Had a blast swimming in Pastor Hector Rodriquez's pool in TX!

Sunny smiles!

We had a great time with our dear friends, the Rodriguez family!

It was so special to get to meet up with an old PCC friend of mine, Shelby and her husband Adam while we were in TX!

She snapped this cute shot of us :)  Possibly one of our last family photos as a family of 3!

Getting Lighthouse Baptist Church fired up for an exciting week of VBS!

David went to toddler S.S. for the first time on Sunday, July 13, at LBC in Mississippi!

Getting the neighborhood kids excited about VBS!

Great week of VBS - broke all previous year's records - had tons of kids and many saved!  Praise God!

Our family after church Sunday night in Decatur, TX on Caleb's 28th birthday (July 20)!

When we arrived at our friends' house (James and Andrea Leeder in Albuquerque, NM) we had a fun birthday party for Caleb!

Caleb reading to the Leeder kids and David :)  Love how David looks like he could fit right in with their family with his blonde hair!

While in Albuquerque, we had the amazing honor to be a part of the first ever Our Time Southwest youth conference!  It was an amazing time and God really worked in hearts...

Caleb enjoyed an afternoon with the teens and youth pastors at an amusement park!

Enjoying some Rudy's BBQ with Pastor Reyes (the conference host) and Pastor Lenentine (their church facilitated the conference) and our pastor, Joseph Brown, who flew out from IA to speak at the conference!

David helping daddy pack up our book table after our final meeting of the summer, at New Heights Baptist Church in Albq, NM!