Friday, August 19, 2016

Our Summer in a Nutshell!

It's been a busy summer since Alyssa was born! So busy that I haven't had a chance to update the blog til now. And as usual, I wait until the last minute to update...we are frantically trying to pack up to leave for our fall tour tomorrow morning! So, in typical fashion, as this is one of the things on my to-do list that I'm determined to have done before we leave tomorrow, I will rush and plop a bunch of pictures on here, give some captions, and call it a blog update of our whirlwind of a summer! :) Enjoy!

Documenting Alyssa's first bath!

So glad my mom could visit and meet Alyssa!

Reading to my THREE children! :)

Little photoshoot for our updated prayer card and our new CD cover!

My three blessings!

Brotherly love!

Having fun at Sass Family Farm!

He's such a sweet big brother!

Happy Father's Day!

Love them so much!

Pretty smiles, first captured on camera at 4 weeks old!

Fun at Preacher's pond!

In July, I flew out with Alyssa and met up with Caleb for Youth Congress at Temple Baptist Church in Tennessee! We sang, Caleb preached, and we both taught split sessions to the teens that week!

Teaching on Purity

Had a blast being there with our Pastor and his wife!

We celebrated Caleb's birthday a few days early with the boys! He was in Maryland the week of his actual birthday.

Alyssa and I flew out to MD to celebrate Caleb's 30th birthday with him, while he was there for a VBS!

Preaching to hundreds of kids at VBS on the night of his birthday...nothing else he'd rather be doing!

David started piano lessons with Mommy!

We enjoyed a few days of vacation with my side of the family in gorgeous Colorado!

With cousins!

Special time to get to spend with my sisters, mom and aunt one day while the men watched the kids!

The Sawyer siblings reunited! :)

Near the end of July, Caleb, Alyssa and I flew to Albuquerque, NM for the Our Time Southwest Youth Conference!

Caleb preached to open and close the service and we sang throughout.

Great to see all these dear friends and partners in the ministry again!

Helping Mommy make a cake...he was so proud of himself :)

This little girl is adored by her big brothers!


In August, we started pre-school!!!

We are so happy to have daddy back home after a busy month of him traveling in July! We enjoyed a fun evening going to the library and then out for ice-cream!

Caleb and I enjoyed a special date night before leaving town for our busy fall!

Thursday, August 18, 2016