Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Update on the Garraway Boys :)

Believe it or not, David is 26 months old now and Jonathan is 3 months old!!!  Time is FLYING!  We sure are enjoying life with these two little blessings!  Are you wondering what they've been up to lately?  Well, here is an update on the little Garraway men for ya!

David is all boy - he loves walking around the house all day wearing his fireman hat (even enjoys wearing it to bed...not sure quite how that works out, but he tries!), playing basketball with his little 3.5 ft hoop from Goodwill, reading books with Daddy or Mommy, being silly and trying to make his little brother smile, helping Mommy cook, and learning his letters and numbers!  Recently he learned how to read his first word: "Mom"!!!!  He knew what sounds the letters made, so I helped him sound it out and taught him that it said "mom".  Now, whenever he sees the word, he scrolls his finger across the word and sounds it out "Mmmmoooommmm" :)  He is pretty proud of himself (and so are we!).  He can count to ten if the numbers are in front of him.  We are working on memorizing the numbers so we can count from 1-10 without looking at the numbers.  He loves to pray (he bows his head and folds his hand and repeats each word after me).  He loves his Bible (we read a few stories from it before bed each night) and already knows who Jesus is (thanks to his little Bible and the Christmas Play DVD which he loves to watch)!  It's amazing to see his little mind soaking in all these things, especially spiritual truths!  What a responsibility we have, to teach him right things and protect his innocent mind from evil.  A few resources we HIGHLY recommend for teaching your children spiritual truths are:
Bible ABC's Memory Book
- My First Bible
- Christmas Peace (our church's Christmas Play DVD)
Hopefully these things can help you as you teach, train and guide your children in the way they should go!

Jonathan is growing and changing each day!  His face LIGHTS UP when anyone gets up close and starts smiling/talking to him!  He is going to be a people person for sure!  The ladies in the nursery are already falling prey to his charm - they say he smiles, giggles and coos at them all the time!!  He has started laughing (not a full on laugh yet, but little newborn laughs)!  He loves when Daddy takes his hands and helps him clap! :)  He sleeps 8-10 hours straight at night now, which has been NICE!  He has a strong neck and loves to sit up on the couch propped with pillows and watch his big brother play!  He is a sweet and precious boy...we are so thankful for this gift from God!