Saturday, January 25, 2014

David - 16 months old!

This has been a fun month of growth and development for David, here in the comfortable surroundings of his home!  He is walking great now - practically running most of the time :)  He talks a lot - one of his new favorite phrases being, "What's that?" (he asks and points at EVERYTHING  --ALL THE TIME!!!)  I am not complaining though!  It means he's learning! :)  Enjoy these few photos from his 16-month photo shoot (which was also our baby announcement photo shoot!).


We are very excited to announce...

We are praising God for this wonderful blessing and new addition to our family!  
Baby #2 coming in August!

Dec/Jan Recap

We have SO enjoyed these past couple months at home!  After the Christmas play, we had family come and visit, then the Christmas/New Years holidays.  Then from Jan. 1-21, Caleb and Bro. John Hays from our church went on a missions trip to South Sudan and Uganda!  David and I stayed home, but actually spent 2/3s of the time in Florida with my parents! It was nice to be able to stay busy and occupied while Caleb was away!  Enjoy these few photos as we recap the past couple months of our busy lives!

 Mom, me and David

 We had an early Christmas celebration with my family while they were here.  Dad kept the family tradition alive, reading the Christmas story to his kids and grandkids before we dug into the presents! (We were missing my sister Laura and her family...she had just had a baby the week before!)

David LOVED Uncle Steve!!

Christmas morning :)

A collage of photos from our special day together

Family photo on Christmas day

Singing at our church's candlelight service (held the day after Christmas)

Caleb and John Hays ready to leave the blustery Iowa snow and 
live in the hot African desert for 3 weeks!

These are just a few shots of Caleb and Bro. John on the mission field.
The people in the above photo all accepted Christ after Caleb preached in their village!

Bro. John gave each village a water purification system he invented and Caleb gave them the Water of Life!  It was a wonderful team effort for the cause of Christ!

Praise the Lord for the 1,200 souls that were saved in Africa!

David and I enjoyed sunny beautiful Florida while Caleb was gone.

We had our spanish pastor and his family over for dinner a couple nights after Caleb got home.  Isabella and David are just one day apart in age!

The next night, we had the Fikes family over - they just moved here from Florida.  We are so thankful for their friendship and are excited to have them in our church!
We love hosting company and are trying to fit in as much of it as possible before we go back on the road next week!