Monday, October 6, 2014

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Our Boys

I know, I am past due for an update on here....the updates will come, I promise!  David has turned 2, Jonathan is almost 2 months old now, and there's so much I'd like to update you all on and so many pictures I'd like to post... But, alas, our life is so busy (with 2 kids now, plus being in the thick of recording our latest CD) that it will all have to wait.

Today, I just wanted to post quickly and say I am SO thankful for the sons God has blessed us with!  David is such sweet and loving big brother and Jonathan is just going to adore him and love playing with him one day soon!  We are so blessed to get to be parents, but more than that, to get to be parents to these precious boys....enjoy these few photos we snapped the other day of our little blessings :)

Well, of course the ONE picture that Jonathan is smiling in, David isn't :)


Holding hands :)