Tuesday, September 20, 2016

David is 4!

It blows my mind that my precious firstborn is FOUR already! These years have flown by, but being a Mommy to this little guy has been the greatest experience in my life! This year, David has grown so much, starting piano lessons and pre-school, joining us often in churches to sing and quote Scripture - I am loving his love for learning, his friendliness in churches and his desire to use his gifts to be a blessing to others in services! He and Jonathan are becoming better and better friends and seeing David's patient love for his little brother has been so special! (Wish it were there all the time, but thankful for those sweet moments that it is!) And his tender care and adoration for his baby sister is the most precious thing to watch! He is such a kind, protective, loving big brother! Caleb and I couldn't be more proud of the young man David is becoming! Wish time would slow down a little, but we are trying to treasure each precious moment with this blessing boy! We couldn't love him more! Happy 4th Birthday, sweet David!!