Friday, March 27, 2015

Growing Boys!

These little blessings are now 2 1/2 and 7 months old!  I haven't done an update on David in a few months, as I've been busy trying to do a monthly one for Jonathan!  I knew it would be too difficult to do both boys each month, so I figured I'd just wait and do a big update for David 
when he turned 2 1/2 :)  This month (March), he turned 2 1/2 on the 20th and Jonathan turned 7 months on the 14th.  So here is an update on both of them....

David hasn't changed too much in height/weight since he turned 2, but he is taking on more of a little boy look (long, lanky arms and legs, not as much "baby fat" (not that he ever had much of that to begin with!), and a leaner, more defined face).  He has become more and more spiritually aware the past few months which has been amazing to see!  One night, leaving church, we saw a sky full of stars.  Daddy said, "David, do you know Who made the stars?  God did!"  Now every time David sees stars he says, "God ah pa stars!" (his sentence structure is so funny...when he doesn't know what word to fill in, he makes it up - usually ah, pa, be, etc).  

He loves getting dressed up for church and getting his hair combed and sprayed with hairspray ("sue-play").  He loves when he gets to wear a tie like Daddy :)  He will go to the mirror after getting all dressed up, smile at his reflection and say "I handsome!"  He learned to pray and loves to pray for meals.  I taught him word by word, a simple prayer - he'd repeat each word after me - so now, he has it memorized and prays in a choppy way: "Thank you...Jesus...for AMEN!!!!!"  Then later, we added on "And for....Daddy, Mommy, David and Johnny. AMEN!"  He also likes to pray before bed, copying what we say "Thank you...for for....all had...etc"  :) He hasn't memorized any of those prayers as of yet!  

He loves music and loves to sing - we never actually taught him how to sing or the words to songs...he has been picking it up on his own just from hearing the music playing as we drive.  We have a Patch the Pirate "Sunday School Sing-along" cd that he LOVES and he sings along with it in the van!  It is so precious to watch his love for music grow (this was always something we hoped our children would love and take interest in...since music is such a huge part of our lives and ministry and will be for them too one day!)  

David can read a few words (just by memory) and he LOVES learning new ones...sometimes we'll be sitting there eating breakfast and he points out letters on the cereal box and wants to know what word they say.  Once we tell him, he's pretty good at remembering.  So the next morning, he points them out again and "reads" the word!  It's pretty amazing to watch!  
We're so proud of him and his love for learning :) 

This little munchkin is growing up too fast!  He has entered the world of food this month and LOVES it!  There isn't anything he won't try and so far, there isn't anything he doesn't like :)  He also can sit up great now...he loves to sit with David and watch him play!  David will hand Jonathan toys so he can feel like he's "playing" along too!  It's super cute to watch :)  He also said his first word this month!  "Dada"!  David said "Mama" so I guess it's only fair that Daddy get his name first this time!

gorgeous baby blues! :)

always teething!

We sure are thankful for these happy, sweet, healthy growing boys!  Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read up on how they are doing!  

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Florida Adventures!

We enjoyed a couple exciting weeks in Florida with meetings and also special family time!  Enjoy these few photos of our fun adventures!

We celebrated Valentine's Day in Jacksonville, FL.  A kind family from the church watched the boys so Caleb and I could go out on a date!

We had wonderful services all day Sunday, Feb. 15, with Pastor Greg Neil (pictured above with David) and Immanuel Baptist Church.

Jonathan is excited to be in Venice, FL with PopPop and Grandma!  Grandma's excited too :)

On our first day in Venice, my dad took us out on his boat!

This was David's first time out on the ocean...he loved it!


Then we had a picnic lunch on the beach and David played in the you can see, he was pretty proud of the bucket he filled with sand all by himself!

First time on a swing! He loved it :)

We spent all day Weds. at Busch Gardens!  This was David's first trip to a theme park - he really enjoyed it!  

Yeah, we're still crazy about roller coasters!  Hope we never outgrow this passion for thrill!  

My brother, Stephen and his friend from church, Dan, taught us Settlers of Catan!  Such a fun game!

It was warm out, but the pool water was still too cold to actually swim. David, however, definitely enjoyed splashing his legs in the water!

We did a little impromptu photo shoot on my parent's lanai one the boys' serious faces in this one! haha!

smiles :D

My favorite family shot :)

My parents sure do love their grand babies!

Grandma bought David some animal toys at the thrift store and he was thrilled!

My family joined us for our Thursday night meeting at Victory Baptist in Nakomis, FL!

Another fun day at the park!

Jonathan had baby food (carrots) for the first time and LOVED it!  He couldn't get enough!

Not all of our mtgs in FL are pictured or mentioned here, but we are SO thankful for each church and each pastor who allowed us to come, minister and be a part of their services!  One of our last mtgs was on a Sunday night at Bible Baptist Church in Bradenton, FL (pictured above).

These boys love their Uncle Steve (or Umpa Vees, as David calls him!)

My parents have an outdoor fire pit of sorts, so we enjoyed roasting marshmallows and eating S'mores!

Sticky sugary goodness!

Last mtg in Florida - Indian River Baptist Church in Edgewater (near Jacksonville).

So thankful for this ministry that God has called us to, and that we get to do it as a family :)